We are a group of people who have dedicated themselves to the Internet. Each of us is an expert in our job: Programming, Front-end web development, web design, work with clients, marketing, copywriting.

Together we create intellectual property objects - Internet sites, design, advertising companies, mobile apps, which are part of the success of hundreds of businesses on the Internet and beyond.

Gleb Sukhodoev


He believes the most important thing is that the website is beneficial and does not just exist.

Alexander Gordeev

Technical Director

Introduces new technologies and trains specialists

Alexey Vakhrushev


He believes that learning a programming language is not difficult. The main thing is to be able to apply it so that the project can be scaled.

Alexey Shilyaev


A young and talented specialist, easily learns something new and can cope with a project of any complexity.

Oleg Ronzhin


He follows the trends in the world of web design and embodies it in your projects.

Marina Kolotova

Designer, artist

A beautiful site does not mean a selling site. The first thing she thinks about is the convenience of users, and then you can make a website beauty.

Anna Utrobina


She keeps track of trends in the world of web design and turn this into your projects.

Alexander Solomennikov

Conversion Specialist

He knows strategies for attracting visitors and methods to increase conversion.

Julia Tregubova

Project Manager

She is keeping track of all stages of the project, linking the task and the solution.

Vyacheslav Thurman


He studies user behavior, sees interface bottlenecks at the design stage.

Ilkin Bakhshaliev


He will always come to the rescue, help to solve any issue.

Krutikhina Anastasia

Project Manager

She leads the development team. Distributes tasks and monitors the quality of their implementation.

Adherence to principles

Approach to work, the most important thing! Our principles give the results that our customers expect.


Individual approach

We create prototypes, layouts, the concept of your project based on the needs of your business, without the use of templates.


There is a purpose of each page

Our task is to make the user do a target action on the website, e.g., send form purchasing a product.


Expand and development

It is essential when the project can always be updated and expand. Production technologies help in this. MVC, GIT, NODE.JS, and others. You can permanently change the developer - any PHP programmer can continue working on the website.


100% of the time is 100% result

Tasks are always completed efficiently within the set deadlines regardless invariably.


Custom solutions

Our experience allows us to implement non-standard solutions on the sites that have no analogs on the Internet.


Support and Promotion

Our projects are understandable not only to visitors but also to search engines and administrators. It is necessary to promote your website.

Results of our work


years on the Internet development market


days minimum payback period of website


is the average index of sales conversion


experts work with each project


successful projects started in 2021-2022


at least days needed for project implementation


awards and achievements, including in the Runet rating


development technologies that we own

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