A few secrets
to a successful landing page

6 seconds

are required for the user to scrutiny the page of the website.
If nothing attracted him, he leaves for the competitor's site.

8 websites

on average are opened by a user when he searches
for a product on the Internet.

Creating a simple website on the Internet is accessible.
To create a competitive website, you need skills and strategy.


How does it work?

The landing page is a marketing tool - a script tailored to sell your product that works 24 hours a day without the participation of a sales manager.

The target

Attracting only the visitors you need

The page is viewed by potential buyers attracted from search engines, banner networks, electronic mailings and thematic sites and other sources.


Page works for your sales manager

The landing page shows the benefits of acquiring your product, works with the client’s objections, helps to make a decision, motivates to place an order without delay, without leaving the landing page.


Infographics and motivational texts

4U Technology Headers meets your audience's request and motivates them to scrutinize the page and stay on it. And infographics and accessible materials on the page allow them to know your product quickly.


Results of our work

The American company produces simple-to-use turntables in a DJ style.

Visit the website

The company is engaged in the maintenance and configuration of computers and equipment for business.

Visit the website

The company "Fort Master" works in the field of construction and management of the operation of real estate.

Visit the website

Modern one-page business card website for certificate agency

Visit the website

Landing page to support the main Internet project.

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FREE Landing Page Development Consultation

Get a free consultation from a MooW studio specialist,
online, by phone, or in person.


The project can always be updated and expand.
Production technologies help in this.

When developing the site, we use advanced programming technologies, proven open source solutions and patterns, which allows you to expand the project quickly, and makes it possible to modify it by any professional programmer.


Get a free consultation from a MooW studio specialist,
online, by phone, or in person.


Up to 12 months of free legal guarantee for the website

We have developed a guarantee system for the sites; this may be a guarantee for the website's technical operation or a guarantee of website conversion. There are also paid tariffs for a lifetime warranty on the site.

Up to 12 months of free legal guarantee for the website


Your landing page will absorb our experience of working on dozens of others

A high-quality website requires teamwork. The more than 10-years technological process of the company's work development is essential. We have elaborated on all the instructions and methods for each of the stages of website work.

Your landing page will absorb our experience of working on dozens of others


for your project

The MooW studio team has prepared three tariff plans for your site.


The classic development scheme, like most web studios

  • Custom design, adaptive layout, programming
$ 580
2 payments - $290 per month

Will be ready

2021 November


Development using a set of measures of Internet marketing.

  • Custom design, adaptive layout, programming
  • Analysis of audience and competitors
  • Design by a marketer + recommendations
$ 1 000
2 payments - $500 per month

Will be ready

2021 November


Maximum effect with three months of marketing support.

  • Custom design, adaptive layout, programming
  • Analysis of audience and competitors
  • Design by a marketer + recommendations
  • Setting up Internet statistics
  • 3 months A/B tests after project launch
  • Set up an advertising campaign to reduce your budget
  • Year of hosting as a gift
  • Writing of marketing marketing texts
$ 2 000
3 payments - $665 per month

Will be ready

2021 December


It depends on the average receipt, the transaction cycle, and the skills of your specialists who processes applications.


What can increase the conversion of orders?

The visitor views the page in the order that suits you. First the offer - then the prices.
The page focuses on one product of your company or on a narrow product line.
Automatic page transformation, depending on the visitor’s referral source.
Adjusting the page to the geographic location of your customers.
All this clarifies the user’s request, and therefore increases the conviction.

Predict your profit

Number of visitors per month Average product price Conversion forecast (percentage of users who sent you a request of the total)
When converting a site to 5% your sales turnover will be: 2 500 000 monthly


The MooW studio team
responsible for the result

We are a group of people who have dedicated themselves to the Internet. Each of us is an expert in our job: Programming, Front-end web development, web design, work with clients, marketing, copywriting. Together we create intellectual property objects - Internet sites, design, advertising companies, mobile apps, which are part of the success of hundreds of businesses on the Internet and beyond. 

About company

Gleb Sukhodoev


He believes the most important thing is that the website is beneficial and does not just exist.

Alexander Gordeev

Technical Director

Introduces new technologies and trains specialists

Alexey Vakhrushev


He believes that learning a programming language is not difficult. The main thing is to be able to apply it so that the project can be scaled.

Alexey Shilyaev


A young and talented specialist, easily learns something new and can cope with a project of any complexity.

Oleg Ronzhin


He follows the trends in the world of web design and embodies it in your projects.

Marina Kolotova

Designer, artist

A beautiful site does not mean a selling site. The first thing she thinks about is the convenience of users, and then you can make a website beauty.

Anna Utrobina


She keeps track of trends in the world of web design and turn this into your projects.

Alexander Solomennikov

Conversion Specialist

He knows strategies for attracting visitors and methods to increase conversion.

Julia Tregubova

Project Manager

She is keeping track of all stages of the project, linking the task and the solution.

Vyacheslav Thurman


He studies user behavior, sees interface bottlenecks at the design stage.

Ilkin Bakhshaliev


He will always come to the rescue, help to solve any issue.

Krutikhina Anastasia

Project Manager

She leads the development team. Distributes tasks and monitors the quality of their implementation.


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